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The "Transnational Hackmeeting" will take place on June 25th, 26th and 27th 2004 in Pula, Croatia. On an international scale will it bring together a wide range of groups and individuals, defining themselves as hackers": coders, network explorers, radical activists, cyberfeminists, curious & inventive people, mediactivists, cyberpunks, gnus, crypto-anarchists and miscellaneous (digital) rebels. The "reality-hacking" principle will prevail: no need to be a geek to be a hacker; better freely express your creativity, subvertise common tools by using them in a different way to bypass obstacles!


The "Transnational Hackmeeting" aims at extending the ongoing Italian and Spanish hackmeeting movement. Since a few years, it has allowed alternative/autonomous militant cultures and hacking/free software movements to meet, exchange and mix. The "Transnational Hackmeeting" is willing to expand this beyond geographical borders; to spread this hybrid and autonomous culture; to benefit from contacts with similar movements in Europe; to meet eastern countries that are often ignored and isolated.


The "Transnational Hackmeeting" is self-organized: no central committee, but an open and transparent organisational process, through a permanent assembly on the Internet, using the mailing-list (open subscription!) and a wiki; no sponsorship, but good will, shared hardware, mutual aid and knowledge from all the people involved; no paid lecturer, but free workshops, organized by volunteers for interested people; a flexible programme, evolving thanks to the participants.


The "Transnational Hackmeeting" will take place at Monteparadiso (, an occupied social centre located in Pula, Croatia. There will be a big parking place and space for camping.


More infos can be found below, by browsing the wiki.

Now let's spread the word, prepare your equipments, bring your ideas and friends, along with whatever you want to share as workshops, projections, performances... see you there!

THK Wiki

Important notes

If you - hacker, hactivist, activist or whatever - know you are coming, please leave a message on the ALERT! GuestBook ALERT!.

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