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CpanContrib ships basic CPAN modules Foswiki relies on.

Versions of Foswiki prior to 1.2 shipped a subset of the Perl CPAN modules required to run Foswiki. As of Foswiki 1.2, these CPAN modules have been removed from <foswiki_install_dir>/lib/CPAN/lib. On systems where you are not permitted to install CPAN modules, you can install this contrib to provide the majority of the Foswiki Perl dependencies. However if it's possible to install CPAN modules, we recommend installing them locally rather than installing this Contrib.

This contrib ships with all CPAN modules that are required for a fully functional default Foswiki installation, with the following exceptions:

These modules are not provided because they are not available in a "pure perl" implemenation and must be compiled for the target system. In addition, CPAN:Net::SSLeay has dependencies on the non-perl package OpenSSL.

The CPAN modules bundled with the CPANContrib are licenses and copyrighted per their original authors. See the individual CPAN modules for information.


This extension will typically require a special installation procedure. Because this extension provides critical perl dependencies, the Foswiki extension installer will not be functional.

To install this extension, download the zip or tgz file from the Foswiki Extensions repository, and unzip / untar the downloaded file into the foswiki installation. If Foswiki encounters errors because these modules are incompatible with the installed perl, you may need to follow the steps in bin/LocalLib.cfg.txt to add these libs to the front of the search path, overriding the system provided modules.

Updating this extension with current CPAN modules

This extension was built using the cpanm tool provided by App::cpanminus

cd into the CpanContrib directory and then build the dependencies:
cpanm --pp -L . --self-contained --exclude-vendor Algorithm::Diff Archive::Tar Archive::Zip CGI CGI::Session Crypt::PasswdMD5 Digest::SHA Email::MIME Error
cpanm --pp -L . --self-contained --exclude-vendor File::Copy::Recursive HTML::Parser HTML::Tree IO::Socket::IP Locale::Maketext::Lexicon Locale::Msgfmt LWP Socket version URI

This will compile the modules into lib/perl5. Move the contents of lib/perl5 into lib/CPAN/lib. If this is being built for portable use, remove any architecure specific directories, such as x86_64-linux Files such as .pod documentation can also be removed.

Note that on occasion, some modules may fail to pass tests, and the --force flag will be required to force installation.


Dependencies: None
Change History:  
1.02 (06 Feb 2016): Released for Foswiki 2.1
1.01 (08 Jul 2015): Released for Foswiki 2.0
1.00 (14 Mar 2014): Initial version

PackageForm edit

Author OliverKrueger
Version 1.02
Release 06 Feb 2016
Description CpanContrib ships basic CPAN modules Foswiki relies on.
Copyright © 2014-2016, OliverKrueger, Foswiki Contributors, All Rights Reserved.
License GPL (GNU General Public License)
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