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Mobilising of the Slovenian and Croatian border regions in the use of the concept 4R+3E in waste management

Waste is generated by various activities such as tourism, industry, agriculture, municipal economy, at households and elsewhere. Owing to its inappropriate handling, waste has become a problem whose solution is a priority in Croatia, since it represents a threat to the natural environment and health. At the European level the legal regulations prescribing the appropriate management of waste have already been adopted and Croatia is currently in the process of approximation of its legislation with the European norms. However, the quantities of generated waste keep increasingly growing. In order to slow down this negative trend it has become a practice in the European Union to shift the responsibility of waste management to the local level. Since effective local actions are necessary, Zelena Istra will, together with its partner environmental organisations in Slovenia, try to mobilize all segments, in both states, precisely at this level.


  • Reduce – reduce the quantity of waste at the source
  • Reuse – reuse for a practical purpose
  • Recycle – recycle or process, use for the manufacture of new products
  • Recover – choose harmless materials /use in order to save energy


  • Educate – raise the awareness and educate about responsible waste handling, increase the understanding of the importance and of the possibilities of proper waste management, indicate at the damage that may occur due to improper waste disposal, educate about the technological processes of waste handling and advise on the benefits that arise from the decrease of waste generation at the source
  • Economise – lower the costs of waste management, include the waste disposal costs in the cost of the product/service by adopting the motto: “the polluter pays”.
  • Enforce – apply concepts of effective waste management in legislation and practice, include all the interested parties in the planning, decision making and management process.
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