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a documentation topic for a wiki application, mostly a singleton in an wiki application web

14 Apr 2017 - 12:31 | Version 4 |


Normally there's only one WikiApplication topic in a wiki application as created using the WikiWorkbench. This will be used to capture the CompleteDocumentation, including version and license information.

See also: WikiApplicationTemplate, WikiApplicationViewTemplate, WikiApplicationEditTemplate

Topis of type 'WikiApplication'

New application topic





%GRID{ query="TopicType=~'\bWikiApplication\b' " web="Applications" columns="TopicTitle, Summary, Version" rows="10" filterbar="on" toolbar="on" rownumbers="on" pager="on" width="auto" height="auto" sort="Changed" reverse="on" WikiApplication_title="Application" TopicTitle_title="Title" Summary_title="Summary" Changed_title="Changed"


WikiApplication form

Name: Type: Size: Values: Description: Attributes: Default:
TopicType label 1 WikiApplication, ApplicationTopic, WikiTopic topic type    
TopicTitle text 75   title of this topic    
Summary text 75   short description of the role of this topic c  
Version text 75   software release number/id/phase c  
Author text 75   application author(s) c WikiGuest
Copyright text 75   Application version    
License topic 20 TopicType="ApplicationLicense" License of this application    
Dependencies text 75        

TopicType edit

TopicType TopicType, DataForm, DocuTopic, ApplicationTopic, WikiTopic
Summary a documentation topic for a wiki application, mostly a singleton in an wiki application web
Editor Applications.WikiApplicationEditTemplate
Template Applications.WikiApplicationTemplate
Topic Naming
WikiApplication WikiWorkbench
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