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%GETTOPICTITLE{topic="Applications.TopicView" rev=""}%
a topic view or edit template

14 Apr 2017 - 12:31 | Version 4 |


A TopicView defines a view for a topic. By default WikiTopics are displayed using the installed skin and the templates (don't confuse with TopicTemplate being a content blueprint for newly created topics). The view (compare with the 'view' term from the Model-View-Control school) computes the appearance of a WikiTopic and its form data. A new view is assigned to a topic by setting the VIEW_TEMPLATE variable.

For example the following will set th view to use the HiddenFormViewTemplate to hide the form table that is normally displayed below the wiki content.

   * Set VIEW_TEMPLATE = HiddenFormView

Note, that the ...Template string is appended automatically by the Foswiki engine.

Note also, that we use the TopicView type to mark even those views that are used during editting a wiki topic and is assigned using something like

   * Set EDIT_TEMPLATE = FormEdit

As such the FormEditTemplate is not used during Foswiki's view operation but during edit. The template is then used to render the view on the editor to be used. Edit templates either augment the normal Foswiki editor, or even implement a full substitute for its form data.

Topics of type 'TopicView'

Create a new TopicView



%GRID{ query="TopicType=~'\bTopicView\b' " web="Applications" columns="TopicTitle,Summary,WikiApplication,Changed" rows="10" filterbar="on" toolbar="on" rownumbers="on" pager="on" width="auto" height="auto" sort="Changed" reverse="on" WikiApplication_title="Application" TopicTitle_title="Title" Summary_title="Summary" Changed_title="Changed"


TopicView form

Name: Type: Size: Values: Description: Attributes: Default:
TopicType label 1 TopicView, ApplicationTopic, WikiTopic topic type    
TopicTitle text 75        
Summary text 75   short description or tagline c  
WikiApplication wikiapp 1   application this topic belongs to    
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