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%GETTOPICTITLE{topic="Applications.TopicTemplate" rev=""}%
a blueprints for wiki topics

14 Apr 2017 - 12:31 | Version 4 |

Install TopicTemplate

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A TopicTemplate is used to create new topics and serves as a kind of blueprint of its content. For example, the simple topic creator takes a TopicTemplate and a DataForm definition to initialize the new topic with the given properties by using the TopicTemplate for the content, and attaching the given DataForm.

See also TopicTemplateTemplate, TopicTemplateViewTemplate, TopicTemplateEditTemplate

Topics of type 'TopicTemplate'

Create a new TopicTemplate



%GRID{ query="TopicType=~'\bTopicTemplate\b' " web="Applications" columns="TopicTitle, ForTopicType, WikiApplication, Changed" rows="10" filterbar="on" toolbar="on" rownumbers="on" pager="on" width="auto" height="auto" sort="Changed" reverse="on" WikiApplication_title="Application" TopicTitle_title="Title" Summary_title="Summary" Changed_title="Changed"


TopicTemplate form

Name: Type: Size: Values: Description: Attributes: Default:
TopicType label 1 TopicTemplate, ApplicationTopic, WikiTopic topic type    
TopicTitle text 75        
Summary text 75   short description or tagline c  
For TopicType topic 35 TopicType="TopicType" TopicType that this template can be used for c  
WikiApplication wikiapp 1   application this topic belongs to    
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